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NYFW : Youtube Premiere!

Posted in fashion week., future of fashion., new york city. by modman on March 9, 2010

The ever talented Aneta Genova has put together some great clips of the IFB Conference during New York Fashion Week last month. Listen and watch what bloggers think about the editor vs. blogger “dilemma” that the media has created and what bloggers wear during fashion week!

Clearly I am unaware that the camera is there… ha.

Thanks Aneta for your work! Check out bobbin talk for great event reviews, fashion updates and industry happenings all around New York City.


GlobalTex, LA International Textile & Sourcing Fair.

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GlobalTex, a textile and sourcing trade show, was in town last week. I was hesitant to go to the GlobalTex Trade show because 1) it was in downtown, and on a school day, 2) it was a textile and sourcing event, 3) I had no one to go with. In the end, I made transportation arrangements, took care of my classes, and felt that I should learn more about the textile industry. And New York Fashion Week trained me well to go to events alone. I overcame all of my obstacles and I am glad I made the effort to check it out. I met some amazing people and gained knowledge about a division of the fashion industry that I never knew about or took the time to research, until now.

GlobalTex, the premier West Coast textiles trade show, took over Los Angeles Convention Center for the LA International Textile & Sourcing Fair last week from March 2-4, 2010. It has been described as “the largest tradeshow in the United States for apparel textiles and technology, created to meet the high-growth demands of the global textile industry” (GlobalTex). I made a trip out to downtown Los Angeles to check out the events, seminars and exhibits featured at the GlobalTex Fair.

After picking up my press Fast Pass, I browsed exhibitor booths and observed buyer/seller interactions. The number of exhibitors that were there was surprising. There were exhibitors from Portugal, India, London, Bangladesh, New York, Vietnam, China and France, to name a few. Companies that specialized in goods such as labeling, hardware, graphics and design software, and all kinds of fabrics could be found in one area. There were quite a few service-oriented agencies including trend forecasting firms, design studios, garment manufacturing and production companies and publication businesses in another section of West Hall.

Exhibitors were divided and laid out based on common Global Styles next to corresponding trend displays, which were extremely well designed and well constructed. Global Styles are product categories that represent the complete supply chain.

Live: Alluring resources to live to the max: silks, knits, velvet/velour, lace, linen, fur, embroidery/ribbon
Dwell: Imagining the essence of home
Work: The structured downtown experience: suitings, wool, linen, knits, wovens/shirtings
Play: Comfortable materials for everyday dreams: cotton, linen, shirtings, knits, prints
Wear: Denim for every moment and every style
Create: The inspiration destination: trend/color services, fibers, art studios
Adorn: A notion of the necessary: buttons, trims, hardware
Move: Capturing the energy of the race: tech/performance fabrics, knits
Process: Technology and equipment to help develop what’s next
Source: Visualize production and design possibilities from global manufacturers large and small

I was especially interested in the seminars. I made sure to attend the seminars on Spring/Summer 2011 Color and Lifestyle Trends and Women’s and Men’s Trend Focus for Spring/Summer 2011. The Panel Discussion about New Developments for Today’s Fashions focused on innovative fabrics where I learned more about the research goes into fabric development. I hope to hear more about the growth and expansion of organic and sustainable fabrics. The Big Picture Seminar centered on the retailer & consumer relationship. There is an immediate connection to the consumer and business models are changing to meet the high demands of well-informed, educated customers. Finally, the Financing Fashion in 2010 Panel Discussion featured Kevin Sullivan, Executive Vice President of Wells Fargo Trade Capital and Ilse Metcheck, President of California Fashion Association, among many others.

I am currently typing up the notes that I took during these seminars. I cannot wait until finals are over so I can go back and analyze what it is that I learned and apply it to my own thoughts.

The next GlobalTex Show will be September 28-30, 2010. Look forward to more exhibitors, up-to-date seminars, panel discussions and a great experience at the premier West Coast textiles trade show!

The Academy Awards : A Formal Affair.

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I dont like that evening gowns and dresses are automatically labeled as “red carpet looks”, even if they will be worn on the red carpet. Some designers base their collections largely on eveningwear and they are known to some as Hollywood sellouts. That perception is completely uncalled for. Who doesnt love to see beautiful art from the runway on real women with amazing talent? Thats exactly what The Academy Awards is all about, recognizing actors and actresses with a special gift of bringing a script to life.

Here are some amazing pieces that I spotted during New York Fashion Week last month. It used to be rare that actresses were able to get their hands on evening gowns straight off the runway but the industry has picked up the pace to meet the demand, especially if it means that the gown will hit the Oscar red carpet. Stylists like Rachel Zoe were probably at New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks to do just that, pick out Oscar-worthy dresses.

Carlos Miele, Halston and Monique Lhuillier give shots of color into their collections. Carolina Herrera designed a gorgeous batch of gowns that have the signature classic Herrera look.

Reem Acra, Monique Lhuillier, Lela Rose and Victoria Beckham have designed off-the-shoulder looks that create lovely silhouettes. I cant wait to see what Victoria Beckham wears.

Wise Words: Zero + Maria Cornejo.

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“Everybody does fashion right now, and nobody needs any more clothes. You have to do things that are desirable and look lovely and authentic.”

The September Issue: QA & Interview with RJ Cutler.

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Melnitz Movies and FAST at UCLA screened The September Issue yesterday on campus. The movie is a favorite of mine, not only because its about fashion, Vogue, Grace Coddington/Anna Wintour and the industry, but also because of the filmmaking of the project. When I found out that the director would be there for a Q&A session, I knew I had to be there.

The film was even better the second time around because I picked up on so many details that I hadnt noticed before. I did a great deal of research before going to the screening/Q&A session because I wanted to make sure I had some background information before asking questions. I learned so much about RJ Cutler, his work, the filming process with the Vogue Team, Anna and Grace, the methods of filming he used and why, and so much more.

I had quite a few questions after reading Cutler’s past interviews, so  I set out to try and get a interview with him after the screening and Q&A session. I was somewhat disappointed in the Q&A, mostly because the questions were basically the exact same questions that Cutler had been asked in previous interviews since last year. Still, hearing him talk about the passion of the Vogue team and his insights on the film with passion was something that could never be transcribed onto a written interview. Here are a few questions from the Q&A/interview with director, RJ Cutler.

Why did you make a film about fashion? Were you always interested in it?

Never. I love baseball. More than the subject, though, its about the story, the character. Anna talking about her father sparked my interest and I knew there was something there. The genesis of the project was that I wanted a story of her, what she does and to break down barriers. The Vogue team approached me later and Anna wanted to focus on filming the making of the September issue.

What is the editing process like? How long did everything take?

After about 9 months of filming, we had this lump of clay: 320 hours. Members of our team that went through every single frame. Then we assembled “scenes we couldnt live without”, or so we thought at the time. That put us at 140 hours. I watched the whole thing at 22 hours. That is still a significant amount of time considering a documentary is usually 90 minutes or so. I wanted to include so many parts but the editing had to be done.

It was extremely difficult for Grace to watch her work get cut from the issue. Was it as difficult for you to have to edit down to 90 minutes?

There is always marriage to your work. Some people are definitely more attached than others. Filmmaking is largely about the editing process and finding a theme or storyline, so I would say I am more used to it because it is the nature of the business. Grace is so passionate about what she does and her vision is incredible. She puts so much work into bringing her imagination alive. Who wouldnt be upset when all your work doesnt make the issue when so much of you has gone into it?

How has the movie changed the lives of Anna and Grace and the relationship between the two women?

I dont know exactly how things are now, but I guarantee you that they are still fighting. The dynamic between the two women hasnt changed, but the documentary has affected their lives in a big way. They have been so far away from the public world and they were always surrounded by a shroud of anonymity. That veil of anonymity has been lifted and Anna and Grace are  acknowledged for their hard work which they are still getting used to.

Fashion is thought of as materialistic, over-the-top, frivolous. How has your perception changed about the industry after this documentary? Is the industry bigger than just clothes?

I had similar opinions about fashion before going into this project. After the film was done, my original thoughts completely changed. First of all, the industry is bigger than just clothes. So many different industries depend on fashion – advertising, manufacturing and production, textiles, shipping, retail.. the fashion industry holds the pieces together. And the power of self-expression is invaluable.

Do you believe that your documentary was able to, to some degree, break down the perception that “cameras are evil”?

Cameras are evil in the fashion industry. They are seen as a tool for prying and manipulating. It took three months to gain the trust of the Vogue fashion team. I believe that as filmmakers and journalists, we need to be transparent and tell the truth. There is nothing easier than telling the truth.

You mentioned that you observe fascinating characters at critical moments in people’s lives. How was that true for Anna at the time of shooting the documentary?

The critical moment in her life at the time is that she is at the peak of her career. Her September issue is going to be the single largest issue of any magazine that has ever been published and that is significant. As we now know three years later, it will forever be the single largest magazine ever published.

Do you believe that The September Issue helped better brand Vogue?

Well, you cant better brand Vogue. If anything, Vogue helped better brand The September Issue.

Do Anna, Grace and the staff constantly think about their brand, or the process of branding from a business aspect?
Vogue, they are always conscious of what Vogue means. It means one set of things on the publishing side and one set of things on the editorial side. But it also means common things for both of them. And that is the history of what Vogue is.

If you havent watched the documentary yet, be sure to buy a DVD, now with 90 additional minutes of never-seen-before footage!

Kate Spade – Blogosphere.

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Words cannot express! lovely20s found this on the Kate Spade site and was kind enough to pass it along.

The Return To Fashion.

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It seems like celebrities are less popular during fashion weeks this season, especially in New York City. Last year, runways and front rows were full of celebrities and a majority of press was about who was at what show. Marc Jacobs declared that there would be no celebrities at his shows and that seemed to set the tone for the season in New York. There were some popular brands decided to go against the no/limited celebrity-filled front rows and drew in some fill-in actors and actresses for press, more than anything. That is another topic/debate to address.. later.

Marc Jacobs decided to have an after-party this year, but it was extremely low-key and included only close friends and employees. He explained the starting point of his collection and said,

Everyone I work with, we all kind of agreed we wanted to do something gentle, something fun, something filled with memory and unapologetic about not being modern or of the moment. There was a real unanimous feeling of comfort and something subtle and substantial. When I sit with my design team, the first thing that goes through our head is, ‘What didn’t we do last time?’ We’re all very sensitive to what we would love to see and what we feel we’ve seen too much of.


The direction of next seasons Fall Collections is exciting. There were many collections that re-interpreted grunge, military, leather/rock-and-roll but the growing trend seemed to shy away from these elements to embrace a much softer, gentle aesthetic. I also love the return to the idea of “intimate”. That shouldnt be associated with “exclusive” necessarily, although there are people who would make that direct assumption. Presentations were abounding in New York and London, especially to showcase up-and-coming designers. The industry is most definitely changing, not only with the explosion of social media but also because of the reconstruction of the idea and purpose of a runway show or presentation. Exciting times.

Chase Away Those Winter Blues!

Posted in fashion week., new york city. by modman on February 27, 2010

Dreary day in LA and snowy in New York which is all the more reason for color posts of NYFW Fall 2010 Collections to brighten up the weekend.

Although I usually stick to blacks, greys and whites, I am definitely craving for shots of color, which is not normal for me. I’m surprised how receptive I’ve been during NYFW last week.. and that its continued up to now.

I included a range of different looks that cater to different styles and personalities. Just because its color doesnt mean that people cant incorporate it into their all black, all white, all grey, etc. wardrobes!

The first casual look is A Détacher. I love the neckline on the dress and the longer hemline (which shows up in many fall collections). The wrapped cardigan adds a bolder color and the knee socks/boots give it a touch of the countryside.

Charlotte Ronson injected color in her black gypsy collection and the velvet pants came out beautifully. The cuffed bottoms show off a darker blue heel too.

Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough had another hit on their hands with Proenza Schouler’s fall collection + collaboration with denim company, J Brand. Everything about the third look, the silhouette, the prints and the modern heels, works. Whats not to love about the makers of the PS1 and the updated PS11?

The next two looks are from Generra and they cannot look any more different from each other. The freeflowing skirt adds some flirty-ness and the silk blazer adds a bit more structure to the skirt and tee combination. The bright printed top and matching blazer do make a loud statement as a pair, but when worn as separates, each piece could definitely add some personality to any wardrobe. The blue pant is what caught my eye. Skinny has taken over fashion. Leggings, skinny/cigerette jeans, jeggings and all can be seen everywhere. And honestly? The style is not for everyone. Its great to see a looser fit on pants for the fall season. The fit, from the wider width near the pockets, slims down. Amazing cut + amazing color.

One of the masters of NYFW is Oscar de la Renta. His collection was divine and the colors were just so rich. This youthful piece has a clear target, from what I can tell, which is = red carpet/Hollywood. Young starlets (or their stylists) have developed a keen eye very early on and many younger stars have begun to done collection eveningwear for movie and album premieres. For some reason, I can see Selena Gomez or Anna Kendrick.. and even Kate Hudson pulling this gorgeous blue cocktail dress off. They must be paired with Louboutin Calypso pumps.

The electric blues on the runway are stunning, especially this suit paired with a skirt from Mulberry. The rounded and purposefully gathered lines of the shoulders and the single pleated skirt just go to show that its all in the details. I wish I could see the top more and I’m not a huge fan of the shoe choice. A deep red or a gold heel would have brought out the colors underneath and offset the blue.

Finally, this Grecian-inspired evening look from Carlos Miele is perfect for the red carpet. I can see it on Kate Winslet, probably because she has worn one-shouldered frocks for many red carpet events. I love the wrap detail that morphs into the supporting strap. I wish I could have seen it move on the runway.. I hate that the movement translation gets lost in photographs.

Just looking over this electrifying blue has given me a burst of color and energy. I hope the rain or snow this weekend doesnt get you down!

Some Color, Please.

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I came back from snowy and cold New York to rainy and dreary LA. Not complaining since its still warmer here, but I need some color in my life.  I cant wait to see all the oranges, blues, purples and greens that I’ve seen in fall collections to hit the streets.. or at least the stores. It would be lovely to walk through Bergdorfs or Saks and see these ADAM, Costello Tagliapietra, Doo.Ri or Carolina Herrera pieces. Stunning.

More color and more favorites coming soon!

Oh, and after looking through (almost) every collection from New York, I can honestly say that pictures do NO justice to these pieces WHATSOEVER. The whole experience, seeing each piece and how it flows and moves.. all of that is lost. Its a shame.. I’ve looked at all the collections that I went to and I am underwhelmed with the photographs because they dont capture the essence. Thankfully, though, more and more designers/design houses are livestreaming their shows and you can find videos online afterwards. Now onto schoolwork! Dont you love my priorities? 😛

NYFW: Kate Spade + Rebecca Ward Installation.

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Designers arent the only ones who showcase their collections during Fashion Week; retailers and boutique shops feature their creative chops as well. This is especially true for the Rebecca Ward for Kate Spade installation at the flagship store in Soho. The physical retail space was transformed into legit artwork by the acclaimed artist and brought a much needed pop of color to the wintry city.


Imagine this.. fluorescent pink and bright yellow tape all over the place. Not in a messy, prankster kind of way.. no, not at all. Ward used the material to alter the perception of existing space. She created angles where there were none before. She manipulated light to reflect in a calculated way. The architectural approach that Ward uses is fascinating. Google her previous installations and you’ll see what I mean. I cant imagine how much thought, planning, and exact execution goes into her works. But I have no doubt that the end result is that much more rewarding.

I ran over from the Anna Sui show (my last at Bryant Park!) to make sure I was (somewhat) on time for my first ever tape party. The Tape Bar brought back memories of elementary school arts & crafts (now known as DIYs) and I felt my inner child jump for joy.

A Tape Bar (decorating journals & sprucing up outfits) + good music/dj + shopping for/with the lovely lovely20s + meeting the ever beautiful glamourai + mingling, sipping bubbly and nibbling made for a great event. Its inspiring to see the meaningful collaborations that still take place in a time where meaning is sometimes lost in the fast-paced world of ours.

If you’re in the Soho area, do stop by and take a peek. The installation will stick around until July 1 and will add some color to your life. The notebook I decorated at The Tape Bar has helped me get through the day, especially because it reminds me to “Live Colorfully”. And honestly, why shouldnt we?