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The Return To Fashion.

Posted in fashion week., future of fashion., new york city. by modman on March 1, 2010

It seems like celebrities are less popular during fashion weeks this season, especially in New York City. Last year, runways and front rows were full of celebrities and a majority of press was about who was at what show. Marc Jacobs declared that there would be no celebrities at his shows and that seemed to set the tone for the season in New York. There were some popular brands decided to go against the no/limited celebrity-filled front rows and drew in some fill-in actors and actresses for press, more than anything. That is another topic/debate to address.. later.

Marc Jacobs decided to have an after-party this year, but it was extremely low-key and included only close friends and employees. He explained the starting point of his collection and said,

Everyone I work with, we all kind of agreed we wanted to do something gentle, something fun, something filled with memory and unapologetic about not being modern or of the moment. There was a real unanimous feeling of comfort and something subtle and substantial. When I sit with my design team, the first thing that goes through our head is, ‘What didn’t we do last time?’ We’re all very sensitive to what we would love to see and what we feel we’ve seen too much of.


The direction of next seasons Fall Collections is exciting. There were many collections that re-interpreted grunge, military, leather/rock-and-roll but the growing trend seemed to shy away from these elements to embrace a much softer, gentle aesthetic. I also love the return to the idea of “intimate”. That shouldnt be associated with “exclusive” necessarily, although there are people who would make that direct assumption. Presentations were abounding in New York and London, especially to showcase up-and-coming designers. The industry is most definitely changing, not only with the explosion of social media but also because of the reconstruction of the idea and purpose of a runway show or presentation. Exciting times.


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