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Chase Away Those Winter Blues!

Posted in fashion week., new york city. by modman on February 27, 2010

Dreary day in LA and snowy in New York which is all the more reason for color posts of NYFW Fall 2010 Collections to brighten up the weekend.

Although I usually stick to blacks, greys and whites, I am definitely craving for shots of color, which is not normal for me. I’m surprised how receptive I’ve been during NYFW last week.. and that its continued up to now.

I included a range of different looks that cater to different styles and personalities. Just because its color doesnt mean that people cant incorporate it into their all black, all white, all grey, etc. wardrobes!

The first casual look is A Détacher. I love the neckline on the dress and the longer hemline (which shows up in many fall collections). The wrapped cardigan adds a bolder color and the knee socks/boots give it a touch of the countryside.

Charlotte Ronson injected color in her black gypsy collection and the velvet pants came out beautifully. The cuffed bottoms show off a darker blue heel too.

Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough had another hit on their hands with Proenza Schouler’s fall collection + collaboration with denim company, J Brand. Everything about the third look, the silhouette, the prints and the modern heels, works. Whats not to love about the makers of the PS1 and the updated PS11?

The next two looks are from Generra and they cannot look any more different from each other. The freeflowing skirt adds some flirty-ness and the silk blazer adds a bit more structure to the skirt and tee combination. The bright printed top and matching blazer do make a loud statement as a pair, but when worn as separates, each piece could definitely add some personality to any wardrobe. The blue pant is what caught my eye. Skinny has taken over fashion. Leggings, skinny/cigerette jeans, jeggings and all can be seen everywhere. And honestly? The style is not for everyone. Its great to see a looser fit on pants for the fall season. The fit, from the wider width near the pockets, slims down. Amazing cut + amazing color.

One of the masters of NYFW is Oscar de la Renta. His collection was divine and the colors were just so rich. This youthful piece has a clear target, from what I can tell, which is = red carpet/Hollywood. Young starlets (or their stylists) have developed a keen eye very early on and many younger stars have begun to done collection eveningwear for movie and album premieres. For some reason, I can see Selena Gomez or Anna Kendrick.. and even Kate Hudson pulling this gorgeous blue cocktail dress off. They must be paired with Louboutin Calypso pumps.

The electric blues on the runway are stunning, especially this suit paired with a skirt from Mulberry. The rounded and purposefully gathered lines of the shoulders and the single pleated skirt just go to show that its all in the details. I wish I could see the top more and I’m not a huge fan of the shoe choice. A deep red or a gold heel would have brought out the colors underneath and offset the blue.

Finally, this Grecian-inspired evening look from Carlos Miele is perfect for the red carpet. I can see it on Kate Winslet, probably because she has worn one-shouldered frocks for many red carpet events. I love the wrap detail that morphs into the supporting strap. I wish I could have seen it move on the runway.. I hate that the movement translation gets lost in photographs.

Just looking over this electrifying blue has given me a burst of color and energy. I hope the rain or snow this weekend doesnt get you down!


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  1. Virginia said, on February 27, 2010 at 5:23 pm

    i loooooove cobalt

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