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Fashion Director of W.

Posted in Uncategorized by modman on February 8, 2010

..Hotels that is.

WSJ reported a few days ago that W Hotels has hired a fashion director “to amp up its style credentials and its profile within the fashion industry”. Stylist Amanda Ross has been hired to take on the first fashion director for a hotel chain.. how awesome is that?

“Ms. Ross’s duties will include working with designers to create staff uniforms and special collections to be sold at the hotels, as well as helping to style the look of the rooms, lobbies and other common areas.”

The WSJ article shows just how much industries are co-dependent on each other. Every business has had to rethink their goals and vision. As much as it is true for the finance industry, it is definitely a reality in the art/design/fashion/lifestyle industries.

I think that this is amazing progress. Its my dream to have experience in so many different industries.. there are just too many things that I want to do with my life. I see this as an example of the perfect way to fuse two different industries that I want to break into. Ms Amanda Ross, I look forward to seeing your work!

Everyone should pursue what they love. I truly believe that if you really do have a passion for something, its worth it to chase after it. Yes, some people have more risk than others but we only have one life to live, so why not live it doing something you love? There are so many actresses turned musicians/entertainers or models turned actresses. The common perception of crossovers is usually “why is he/she in music/modeling? He/she should just stick to ______!” And many times, these crossovers dont result to more than a “successful” song or two. But who are we, as a society, to judge the people who step out of their comfort zone and pursue what they always dreamed of doing? Just because a model models or an actor acts doesnt mean that they are forever limited to their craft.

I cant wait until the day I crossover into industries. I wont say exactly what, but I definitely do have a plan. And I plan to be skilled in every industry I enter. Well, I hope to be anyway. Thanks again Ms Ross for showing the world, and me, that anything is possible.


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