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MFW : Fall 2010 – Giorgio Armani

Posted in Uncategorized by modman on February 2, 2010

Since I started this blog, I’ve been telling myself that I need to train my eye to edit. In what way, you ask? Well.. when I first started looking through runway shows, I pretty much picked out every runway look and labeled it as my favorite. You can imagine how many “favorites” I had.. Since then, I have browsed through hundreds of runway photographs and have been able to prune my extensive “list of favorites” into a fairly small favorites collection of a runway collection.

The purpose of my posting Fall 2010 Menswear shows from Paris and Milan is not to show off or replicate, as anyone can access these same images. I think of my posts as an editing process; posting on modmen helps me see my train of thought. My goal has been to choose one look per collection.. a look that sums up the entire aesthetic and feeling of said collection. As you can see, I havent been doing so well with that. Either way, I am learning to spot trends, silhouettes, color palettes and other minor details that I didnt notice before. This reflective process has been a tremendous learning experience.. I hope this explains what may seem like random posts.

With that said, Giorgio Armani is a design giant. This Fall collection can be summed up in one word : sumptuous. While certain designers are sticking to basic pieces and timeless silhouettes and safe colors, Armani pushes recession limits with this collection. Pants and sports jackets made from velvet, thick coats, and the mixing and matching of patterned fabrics dominate the runway. Take a look for yourself:

And for the record, this collection was 94 looks. I’ve done as much editing as I could do! Time to go knock out.. I think the NyQuil is getting to me. I better  be better by this time next week! More on that later..



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