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Campaign : Missoni Spring 2010.

Posted in Uncategorized by modman on January 13, 2010

The Missoni Family Campaign (Ottavio Jr. and Marco Missoni)

The 2010 campaign for Missoni features the Missoni family. Angela Missoni (creative director for both mens and womenswear) decided to make things a bit more personal by having her family capture the essence of the brand. What better way than to include the members of the family that were the pioneers and the future? As the Fashionisto reported, the purpose was to capture a certain intimacy that places her designs in a real world setting.

Similarly, Angela Missoni shared with WWD, “I wanted to highlight our reality and our lifestyle, which is reflected in our unique product and in the artisanal aspect. This campaign really reflects the mood I’m in these days, even from a design stance.”

This campaign places faces to the design house and consumers are able to connect better with the brand. Models are so overused.. top models are featured on multiple brand campaigns, photoshop-gone-wrong creates drama and negative press. I love the Missoni brand and its great to be able to see the family intimacy. Intimacy. That is the main focus of this campaign. Its such a personal thing.. and to capture these moments for all to see.. is questionable to some, but to open up their home is a grounded idea.  The clothes, the prints and the background just enhance the natural connection that the family has. The showcase of family really hits home for me.

And I cant wait for the day I get to visit Hotel Missoni Edinburgh or Hotel Missoni Kuwait.. I bet its a Missoni fans ultimate dream!

Ottavio and Margherita Missoni; Angela and Marco Missoni

Francesco Missoni; Giacomo and Marco Missoni

Margherita Missoni and Missoni founders Rosita and Ottavio; Francesco Missoni


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