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Mod Guide 7 : Sneaker Edition (via Shoegasm)

Posted in Uncategorized by modman on January 11, 2010

Shoegasm doesnt just have boots. Shoegasm carries some great sneakers and other shoes for warmer weather (for guys on the West Coast, read this edition)!

PF Flyers are manufactured by New Balance. PF stands for Posture Foundation. The brand is known for its patented insole technology and offers sneaker comfort. Shoegasm offers the PF Flyers “Glide” style in three colors: blue, brown and black. And of course, my pick is the black. It is versatile and can easily take a guy’s casual day outfit to a dressier night look.

PF-Flyers "Glide" Black

Keds is a shoe brand that is known for its classic Champion canvas shoe with rubber soles. Although Keds didnt fare so well in the late 90s, the brand picked up popularity in the 2000s with the renewal of classic looks. The Navy Keds Champion that Shoegasm carries on their online shop is comfortable and goes well with shorts and pants. To me, its the ultimate summer shoe! And since its been 75 degrees for the past few weeks in Los Angeles, maybe its time to get a pair.

Keds "Champion CVO" Navy

If you like texture and different patterns, then Shoegasm also has the PF-Flyers “PM09N51Z” Moyen and J.Shoes “Blanco” Green available. These are great alternatives to solid colored sneakers.

PF-Flyers "PM09N51Z" Moyen

J.Shoes "Blanco" Green

I hope this Mod Guide helps you in your search for some new sneakers! Check out Shoegasms online store here.


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