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Mod Guide 7 : Boot Edition (via Shoegasm)

Posted in Uncategorized by modman on January 8, 2010

From my experience, guys don’t really think twice about the shoes that they wear. I know for the longest time, Adidas Superstars, Nike Air-Force Ones, Jordans and and Nike Dunks were all the rage. I remember guys used to wear these sneakers all the time: to a date, with jeans, shorts, to church, to school.. I had some friends who used to collect sneakers and never wear them! I understand that some people love collectors items and save paychecks to save up to buy the next big shoe.

But most guys dont browse sneaker forums all day and look for the most valuable, the rarest, or the most expensive pair of sneakers. As far as style goes, shoes are just as important as the rest of your outfit. Converse Chucks have become a staple in countless wardrobes and Creative Recreations are definitely worth the money. But if you look around, you can probably spot at least 5 more pairs of either brand. As good as they look, sometimes its nice to find another shoe to set yourself apart from the rest of the male population.

Well, Shoegasm may be your answer! Maybe the daunting number of stores and brands is somewhat intimidating. Shoegasm is a chain of boutique shoe stores in New York City (and for those who dont live in the concrete jungle, they have an online shop!) that offers a wide selection at affordable prices.

For guys who live in areas where you get to experience the joys/pain of seasons, Shoegasm has a varied range of boots for braving the cold, sleet and snow. For guys who dont let snow get in the way of adventures, The Bogs Outfitter MT boot is for you. The boot is waterproof and is made of leather and Neoprene with breathability technology. Cushioning is an awesome feature too. The boots also have rubber outsoles for non-slip traction. These boots will keep your feet warm even as you shovel the snow or hit the slopes. The Bogs Classic Mid Rubber Boots are also for extreme weather and can warm to -40 degrees F! Guys who are experiencing the bone-chilling cold in the Northeast, these are definitely worth checking out. My pick? The black Classic Mid Rubber Boots. Black is the way to go.

Bogs "Classic Mid" Black

Boots are a great alternative to sneakers, especially for going out at night. Boots can dress up a casual outfit easily and you can wear them most anywhere. The J. Shoes “Terrain” (in Black/ Olive) is the ideal boot for everyday-wear. The upper is leather and suede and the boot has a six inch rise. Some guys are turned off by the fact that some boots are high, but boots like these are versatile because they can be tucked under khakis or worn over jeans cuffs. My pick? I would go with the black/olive boot because the contrast is noticeable and detail-oriented but not attention-grabbing. But its all about preference. If you like the style, Shoegasm has the same boot in brown leather. Talk about selection!

J. Shoes "Terrain" Black/ Olive

My favorite? The Palladium “Pampatti” Metal in Dark Grey looks like a fusion between sneaker and boot. They are functional, comfortable and durable. According to Palladium, “The Foreign Legion put the boot to the test in the harsh desert conditions of North Africa, and throughout the rugged terrain of the Atlas Mountains.” Durability doesnt get better than that. I would love a pair!

Palladium "Pampatti" Metal (Dark Grey)

There are so many different types of shoes available at Shoegasm that I decided to break the selection up by shoe style. Make sure to check out the Sneaker Edition!

See what Shoegasm is all about.

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