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Mod Guide 6 : The Holidays (Mens Edition)

Posted in Uncategorized by modman on December 17, 2009

The holidays are quickly approaching! I cant believe Christmas is next week. I’m sure the majority of the ladies have already picked out their outfits for company holiday parties, Christmas potlucks, family dinners and New Years Eve celebrations. I know this time can be tough for the guys sometimes. Your girlfriend or girl friend wants to take you shopping but you dont want to go. You want to look casual but your gf or g f wants you to dress up. Or maybe you would prefer not to buy clothes that you think you’ll only be able to wear to Christmas parties. Well, fear not because Club Monaco has got you covered.

Down jackets are, without a doubt, warm. But sometimes, the style of down jackets are too bulky, too thin or just too.. down. This red one from Club Monaco is a gem. Pair it with a plaid button down shirt and a pair of jeans and you are ready to hit the slopes at a ski resort, winter lodge or any holiday getaway location.

Club Monaco, Look 1

Cardigans have become a staple item in both mens and womens wardrobes. This look is great for work (or in the classroom). You’ll definitely channel some Will Schuester, but if youre a glee-k, then I’m sure you wont mind.

Club Monaco, Look 2

The duffle coat is available at most retailers because it is the coat to have this season. Add a plaid button down and a pair of chinos and youre good to go. Many people argue that black, white, and grey looks are boring and predictable. I say that this look is a clear example of how you can play around with prints and fabrics to create a whole new look. Black, whites and greys are simple and understated. Which is never a bad thing.

Club Monaco, Look 3

Black, navy or grey duffle coats are classic. The look below is a updated version of the outfit above. The duffle is navy with a plaid pattern. The look instantly stands out. Add pieces that you might already have in your wardrobe, like a crew neck sweater and a classic white button down shirt. Finish the look with a pair of cords and youre good to go. Corduroy is also popular this season and you can get them in different colors, styles and thickness. Cords are a foolproof option to update your wardrobe this winter.

Club Monaco, Look 4

Different wool and tweed fabric blazers are the best options for the winter months. They are warm and the textures and different weaving patterns like herringbone and houndstooth add an extra dimension to your outfit. I would trade in the plaid for a classic white shirt, but plaids, stripes and other patterned shirts bring out a playful quality.

Club Monaco, Look 5

This is a very appropriate modern party look, if your company holiday party is formal. The sweater and collared shirt with a tie play up the suit. If your company is fairly conservative or casual, this outfit is perfect for a New Years Eve celebration. If your everday-wear is usually jeans and a tshirt, why not surprise your friends and family by dressing up for the special occasion? No better way to make a great first impression or impress people you already know. And no better occasion than New Years. Why not start the year off looking good?

Club Monaco, Look 6

Club Monaco, Look 7

Club Monaco, Look 8

And finally, here are two solid looks for days lounging around the family house, or to wear in town. Fair Isle sweaters have become a staple item in winter wardrobes. These are two different takes on them : a turtleneck and cardigan. The turtleneck sweater is easier to throw on with a pair of jeans and walk out the door. The cardigan requires a bit more work and you can put it together with shirts, ties and other winter accessories to bring it all together. Either of these looks would be great for a Christmas dinner with the family.

Remember, you dont need to go out and buy entire outfits to put together these looks. I’m sure many of you already have separate pieces in your wardrobes already, but are not quite sure how to bring it all together. I wanted to highlight these looks because they are classic and easiest to achieve without having to buy all the pieces at once. You can update your wardrobe by purchasing a few pieces, especially for the winter. Check out the CM website for other options. Happy holidays!


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