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Posted in Uncategorized by modman on December 10, 2009

http://WWW.. no, not as in WWW as in WhoWhatWear!


WhoWhatWear nails celebrity styles on their website, The online fashion site showcases WhoWhatWear Style Series, Shop the Closet, Ask A Stylist, Monthly Archives, and the feature they are most known for: What Was She Wearing?

Katherine Power (former Elle fashion editor) and Hillary Kerr (past freelance fashion writer) saw that there was a growing consumer demand that wanted to know what celebrities were wearing in paparazzi photographs. The duo created the ever popular website to fill the void in celebrity fashion news. The website breaks down the outfits that celebrities are wearing in What Was She Wearing? WWW lists the designer/label, the price, and then offers more wallet-friendly items that are similar in style. They have added style tip videos and various other resources to get that look you’ve always wanted.

The two powerhouses recently came out with a style-friendly book that shares timeless information about how to begin building a wardrobe, or what pieces will complete a certain outfit. The advice is, again, friendly, and never demeaning in any way. “Fashion should be approachable!” they say. Definitely look it up at Borders or Barnes. It would make a great holiday gift.

I had an opportunity to meet the founding ladies at an event a few months ago. I was amazed to hear about their previous experiences at various industry names like Maxim, Elle, ELLEgirl, Brent Bolthouse Productions, Teen Vogue and Nylon. They are the ones that motivated me to actually get this blog started.. so thanks for the encouragement! I couldnt have done it without you two!

With WWW Founders, Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power

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