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The Modern Midas Touch?

Posted in Uncategorized by modman on December 9, 2009

<promotional video for net-a-porter for Victoria’s S10 denim collection>

Victoria Beckham has made quite a name for herself. She has shed her Posh Spice and Cavalli/WAG image and is all about a clean, polished image. Her collections have had amazing success (google victoria beckham collection, and you’ll get countless hits) and established designers praise Victoria’s ability to create feminine, modern silhouettes. Despite the economic downturn, her dresses sell out the minute they hit net-a-porter. Most recently, her dresses were hijacked. Up to 50-75 dresses worth $575,000 were stolen last week. They are clearly in high demand!

Victoria launched dVb denim in 2004 under the Rock & Republic label. After a fall-out with R&R owner Michael Ball, Victoria split ways with the denim label. The success of her eveningwear collections have led to the re-launch/launch of Victoria’s denim and sunglasses collections. Victoria has taken her denim line in-house and renamed her line as the Victoria Beckham Denim Collection. dVb jeans under R&R were on the flashy side, with studs and embellishments in the shape of crowns and stars. Victoria’s new Denim Collection is all about sophistication, modernity, and clean lines. Her style and taste in clothing have undoubtedly evolved a great deal.

Her Denim Collection can be found at net-a-porter. Do you think her current design success will extend to her Denim Collection? Does she have the modern Midas Touch? What do you think about her style evolution? Dont forget to share your thoughts and comment! I’d love to hear from you.

<via. vbstyle: future BLOGsearch>

net-a-porter: Victoria Beckham Denim Collection

net-a-porter: Victoria Beckham Denim Collection

Rosemary Feitelberg’s (of WWD) interview with Victoria can be found here:
Victoria Beckham: A Celebrity Designer Driven to Succeed.


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