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Muji + Lego = :)

Posted in Uncategorized by modman on November 24, 2009

Papers have taken over my life! I have one last one due tomorrow before Thanksgiving break and finals. This isn’t necessarily related to fashion, but it made me smile.

I treasure the small things in life.. the minute details make all the difference. Muji and Lego have teamed up to bring you these arts and crafts projects that just made my day.

I wish I could get my hands on these.. the difference a hold puncher and papers make. [Today and Tomorrow].

Speaking of the small things that make a huge difference.. I love having a magazine in my hands. Yeah, I know the industry is drowning. I know half the pages are ads. I know that its basically recycled material from past collections. And yet having a physical piece of art in my hands is far greater than digital editions that I can get for free. Even though it doesnt make sense and no one really gets magazines from stands, I think I’ll reward myself with one today.. if I get this paper done. Which one shall I get?


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