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H&M + Jimmy Choo = Glitz + Glamour

Posted in Uncategorized by modman on November 13, 2009

H&M.Jimmy Choo - 01

Jimmy Choo for H&M, Lookbook - 01, via fabsugar

H&M.Jimmy Choo - 02

Jimmy Choo for H&M, Lookbook - 02

H&M.Jimmy Choo - 03

Jimmy Choo for H&M, Lookbook - 03

H&M.Jimmy Choo - 04

Jimmy Choo for H&M, Lookbook - 04, via fabsugar

Collaborations between retailers and high-end designers have become extremely popular. H&M has been a pioneer in retailer/designer collaborations and boasts a list of designers include Karl Lagerfeld and Comme des Garçons. This past summer, Matthew Williamson created a line that was colorfully printed and oh so appropriate for the summer. H&M is about to release their most recent collaboration with luxury shoe & accessories designer, Jimmy Choo. Choo has designed a women’s and men’s shoe collection, bags and accessories, and also a women’s clothing line for H&M. Prices of shoes range from $60 (ballet flats)-200 (leather boots, (which are bargains compared to the usual price of his shoes, which start at about $400+).


The merchandise will hit the stores tomorrow, November 14th. The rules are:

What do I do if I arrive before opening hours?
If there is a line, please wait in line and H&M store staff will inform you how to shop.

How does the queing system work?
The first 160 people in line will receive a bracelet; on the bracelet you will be given a specific time for shopping in our designated area. The bracelets are only needed for the women’s shoes, bags and accessories. Customers shopping the men’s collection or the women’s garments will not require a bracelet.

When your time has come, we will let you into the designated area to shop. Our goal is to create a better shopping experience for all of our customers.

If you are not one of the 160 first in line, you will of course have the opportunity to shop from the rest of collection or within H&M. After about two hours we will also open up the designated area for all of our customers.

To make sure as many customers as possible are able to buy from the Jimmy Choo for H&M collection, we have a limitation. Every customer can buy the whole collection but with a limitation of buying maximum one per product, i.e. not more than one size (shoes/garments) or piece (accessories) per product per customer. The limitation covers the whole Jimmy Choo for H&M Collection. Your place in line does not guarantee any items from the Jimmy Choo for H&M collection.

Make sure you get in line if you are intent about buying some serious shoes or some holiday frocks. This collaboration is definitely worth the Friday night in and the early morning cold!

[via fabsugar, H&M]


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