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Project Runway at the Getty.

Posted in Uncategorized by modman on November 7, 2009
Fall 2009 045

Project Runway at the Getty, Season 6

The challenge for the upcoming episode of Project Runway was to find inspiration from the Getty. Each designer found a different inspiration from the Getty space itself and from the exhibits as well. I can say this episode, although underwhelming, was the first one this season where I felt the designers were challenged as artists. Each episode so far has been about selling to certain people (which is important). But as a creative thinker, it is definitely restricting to have to think about what the bride wants, or what real women want in an outfit. This recession has changed the world of fashion. Because designers must think about making what is profitable and “safe” first, there can be a lack of freedom. This challenge allowed the remaining designers to really explore as artists.

The audience saw the episode on the wide-screen. A movie version of Project Runway.. awesome! Tim really brought the lols this episode. He just brings so much to the show. It wouldnt be the same without him. After the screening, the outfits that each of the designers created was brought out on mannequins. Although we didnt get a chance to get up close, it was an experience to be able to see the pieces in real life.

Fall 2009 055

Fashion Panel

Mary Alice Haney (West Coast editor for Marie Claire), an LA-based designer, and curator for Museum of Contemporary Art made up a panel that discussed art and architecture and how one influences the other. It was fascinating to hear about how designers and artists are consciously making the effort to incorporate other art forms and/or that designers find inspiration at any moment, no matter what the object is. Thanks for the invite, Getty!


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