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All My Single Ladies : v2.

Posted in Uncategorized by modman on October 31, 2009

Halloween is here! I’m not a huge fan, but the costumes definitely get my attention. There are the typical “girl” outfits (putting it nicely) but then there are some extraordinary ones that stand out in the sea of mass generic blah-ness.

For girls, I think makeup can make a huge difference between blah and awesome. Elle put together some great looks from Fall 2009 that showcases “scary” looks that the dont require the runway fo girls to wear, at least not tonight. If you were thinking about just putting on your everyday makeup, take a look at these award-winning looks to get some inspiration on how you can change it up this Halloween.

More “Hauntingly Chic Beauty” Fall 09 looks can be found at Elle. Have fun tonight, and be safe! And keep your eye out for these runway inspired looks

10.31.09 - Marc Jacobs Fall 09

Marc Jacobs

10.31.09 - Alexander McQueen Fall 09

Alexander McQueen

10.31.09 - Aquilano.Rimondi Fall 09


10.31.09 - Bottega Veneta Fall 09

Bottega Veneta

10.31.09 - Comme des Garcons Fall 09

Comme des Garçons

10.31.09 - Maria Cornejo Fall 09

Zero + Maria Cornejo

10.31.09 - Gareth Pugh Fall 09

Gareth Pugh

10.31.09 - Guy Laroche Fall 09

Guy Laroche


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