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Look of the Day : 10.27.09

Posted in Uncategorized by modman on October 28, 2009

Look of the Day - 10.27.09 - Elie Tahari

The difference a day makes! It was windy in LA today and the cold crept in. Temp drop of 13 degrees is a pretty big deal, especially in Southern California. Countless tweets and facebook updates were all about the cyclones, the wind tunnels and twisters that took the city by storm. Luckily, I was stuck inside the whole day and most of the evening. Unfortunately, I was writing a 11-page paper on topics I knew little about.

I was in the wind and “cold” for ten minutes, max. The wind felt good until a strong gust took me by surprise and gave me the chills. brrr. I wish I had been wearing Elie Tahari while trekking around campus. Tahari exemplifies modern sophistication and is known for the quality and workmanship of each piece of clothing. The wool sweater + wool scarf + vest combination would have kept me warm. Now that I think about getting into a cold bed, I wouldn’t mind falling asleep wearing all of that.


Look from Barneys, The Books.


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