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Posted in Uncategorized by modman on October 25, 2009

Brooks Brothers - Mad Men Suit

I find it appropriate that this post is my first for the blog. The 1960s revival is well along its way, thanks to Banana Republic, Peter Som, Miuccia Prada and now, Brooks Brothers. And my blog as well!

A few days back, the Cut Blog reported the launch of the limited-edition grey sharkskin Mad Men suit, in collaboration with Brooks Brothers. The suit was designed by mad men costume designer Janie Bryant and can be bought for a mere $998. A high price to pay to look more like Don Draper? Some say yes, but remember, the charisma and brooding, as well as creative genius doesn’t come with the suit. The plan is to also launch “evening gowns, men’s accessories, and officewear.” I slowly plan to do the same with entries for the ladies, so stay on the lookout!


The suit can be purchased online or at the nearest Brooks Brothers retailer.

[the cut blog, the independent]


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